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Honeymoon Is Myth But Marriage Better Than Bachelorhood

DECEMBER 03, 2012

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 Honeymoon Is Myth But Marriage Better Than Bachelorhood


 The honeymoon period is a plain myth and in reality, couples are unhappiest in their first year of marriage, says a new study by Deakin University’s Australian Centre on Quality of Life.

The researchers have discovered that the happiest couples are those with more than 40 years of wedded bliss. The study measured the happiness of 2000 people on a scale of 0-100. The average score for the Australian population was 75 but couples in their first year scored 73.9 compared with people married for more than four decades at 79.8.

Another study finds that couples bounce back from post-marital depression, with their happiness score increasing to 78.4 in the second year of marriage. Those who stay this much are the happiest of all.

In a confirmation of a well-accepted finding, the research further says that married people were generally happier than singles, divorcees or widowed or separated. Those who had been through a separation were the unhappiest with a score of 69.2.


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