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Online GK Tests

APRIL 04, 2014

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Online GK Tests

 Online GK Tests

An online GK Test is an excellent tool to practice with GK questions before you sit for the real test. Ever since the advent of the Internet, several online GK websites have cropped up to cater to the test takers’ needs. While there is no dearth of online GK material or online GK tests, one needs to be especially careful while choosing a particular website for reference. In fact, so much of GK material and online GK tests are available that it is a tough call to select one over the other. Here are some practical tips on how best to utilize the online GK resources available to you:



A. Several websites suffer from the problem of excess online GK material. While more is merrier sometimes, it is certainly not the case while taking a test. Studying in too much detail not only wastes your time, it also crams your mind with unnecessary facts, which affect your mental efficiency. Please remember that excess study material does not mean better preparation. Make sure that the material you access is suited to your specific needs.



For example, for an SSC candidate taking the Combined Graduate Level - Preliminary Exam, a website delving deep into MA level world history or Indian history is just not suitable. All that such a candidate needs is the study material which gives him basic, important facts in an organized, clear and pointed manner. Consequently, for such a GK test, a resource giving point-wise information is perhaps preferable over another one which provides detailed essay-type material more suitable for descriptive GK tests (like State Civil Services tests).



B. The second important thing to remember is the topic within GK that you are studying. For many people, GK means just GK but there is a lot more to it. One needs to be clear whether one needs GK material on Static Areas like History, Geography, Science etc. (SSC, UPSC, PSC exams) OR Current Affairs (Bank PO/ Clerical exams) OR Current Business Affairs and Economy (MBA tests). Once you are clear about what you need, you can narrow down your search suitably.  Keep in mind that every resource has its own special merits. Looking for the required material on just about any website will not do as you need a source which provides you what you need.



C. Since practice is the key to good preparation, look for good quality, updated GK tests. In fact, the more GK tests you do, the better it is for your preparation.  Refer to a website that gives you enough practice GK tests so that you can assess your preparation, apart from learning about the wrong options. Preferably, try to use a source that gives you detailed solutions as well. It will add great value to your preparation because several wrong choices themselves can become the source for other questions in actual GK tests.



For online MBA exams like SNAP, NMAT and TIIS-NET, it would be ideal to practice with an online GK test to get a feel of the real test. Just taking an online GK test is not enough. Each such online GK test is usually followed by keys and solutions, which you must study for better value addition.





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