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Preparing For MBA, Bank, PSC GK Tests

MARCH 19, 2013

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 Preparing For MBA, Bank, PSC GK Tests

General Knowledge has become a very important part of all competitive recruitment and admission tests in India. The General Knowledge Test in these exams mostly consists of objective general knowledge based on MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) of general knowledge on history, polity, geography, sports, business, economy, general knowledge about India, general knowledge of science, books, prizes etc. A general knowledge of India would include basic facts about geography, population, culture, customs, dances, festivals, organizations and institutions in India. Some general knowledge tests may focus only on Business and Economy as in MBA admission tests. Very rarely, MBA Admission Tests like IRMA (Institute of Rural Management, Anand) may feature general knowledge MCQs based on socio-economic issues, welfare programmes and the problems of rural areas in India. By definition, a general knowledge exam is supposed to be pretty “general” i.e. not requiring any special preparation and which is doable by any average graduate. But given the reality, it is hardly “general” in nature and warrants a specialized, focused study in every respect.





Most general knowledge books for competitive exams give either a very lopsided idea of the test or an outdated version which is no longer applicable.  Therefore, to help out prospective candidates, gkmine.com presents organized and compact GK study material along with online general knowledge test. Again, most general knowledge test online are either not updated or are without any detailed solutions, which leads to incomplete preparation. Using it, you can learn general knowledge online and take general knowledge practice test. Every general knowledge online test is followed by a detailed solution and important hints for further use.  The website features chapter-wise general knowledge for competitive exams, general knowledge test papers and many a free online general knowledge test. To use a free general knowledge test, one has to register once and then log in with his e-mail ID and password.






Even beyond the written test, most Personal Interviews also feature general knowledge interview questions which not only test general knowledge of the candidate but also seek opinions on significant problems of the day. To tackle such interview questions, one needs to go beyond objective type general knowledge questions and develop a regular habit of reading good newspapers, watching TV debates and participating in group discussions.




Several PSC (Public Service Commission) exams in different states require a knowledge of the specific issues related to that state.  A PSC general knowledge paper, for instance, may be on general knowledge of Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh general knowledge, Haryana general knowledge, Madhya Pradesh general knowledge, Uttarakhand general knowledge, Himachal Pradesh general knowledge, Maharashtra general knowledge for specific state-level administrative services recruitment tests. Obviously someone having good Rajasthan general knowledge is in a far better position in Rajasthan as compared to another one who lacks that knowledge.






However, in UPSC GK exams, there is no specific coverage of any particular state as it focuses on national and global issues. In particular, out of all general knowledge Indian History commands possibly the maximum weightage in this test. Therefore, general knowledge for IAS needs to be prepared keeping in mind the overall focus of this test. Though MCQ general knowledge can be prepared with a strong focus on facts and figures, descriptive-type GK demands a very thorough study, analysis and writing skills.  Therefore, general knowledge MCQ questions are basically different from descriptive general knowledge questions. If you are from a Hindi background, you need not worry as the general knowledge Hindi language version is always there along with the English version. Such objective general knowledge questions and answers are framed in regional languages too in respective states’ tests.





Similarly, in Bank PO and Bank Clerk exams, general knowledge about banking is becoming more and more important. One can easily expect 10-15 questions on banking in the GK segment. However, general knowledge for bank exams does not go beyond the relevance of banking general knowledge to a common man e.g. savings accounts, current accounts, operational banking procedures, RBI rules etc. Thus to prepare for general knowledge related to banking, one needs to be regular with newspaper reading. 



The subject has become so important that even several schools have General Knowledge as a part of the syllabus from Kindergarten classes only, though the coverage is very elementary. General knowledge worksheets for kids are designed accordingly keeping this requirement in mind. In addition, General Knowledge Quiz, often organized by schools and General Knowledge Olympiad organized at the state and national levels, requires that general knowledge for kids in India be taken seriously. A typical general knowledge test for kids will take into account their age, class and level of exposure while featuring a general knowledge question paper. Typically, general knowledge for kindergarten involves a knowledge of one’s immediate environment like professions, objects, colours, animals etc. Thus, one can infer that in India general knowledge is going to help at every stage in studies and competitive exams.





We have also observed several organizations and schools conducting specialized General Knowledge quizzes based on science general knowledge. Though general knowledge in science is of immense use in a science general knowledge quiz, it can be of great value in school-level tests and projects too. A general knowledge science quiz, therefore, is a good opportunity for you to test your general knowledge in matters of science. Again, most science general knowledge questions focus on the applications of science to day to day phenomena and practical problems.  It is for this reason that every collection of science general knowledge questions and answers has a clear focus on these things.



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