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Major Economic Facts 2012 - 04

AUGUST 13, 2013

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Electronic Cash Transfer scheme will cover ----- 6 schemes 


As per Wireless Intelligence, the 4th largest Mobile Operator globally ----- Bharati Airtel


"Insider Trading Bill" has been passed by ----- USA


The organization with which India commemorates the 25th year of its partnership ----- Asian Development Bank


Contribution of MSME (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) to India's GDP ----- 8%


Fiscal Deficit, Revenue Deficit and Primary Deficit as per General Budget 2012-13 ----- 5.1%, 3.4% & 1.9% respectively


As per World Investment Report, the 3rd  Best Destination for FDI ----- India,  1st ----- China, 2nd­ ----- USA


Gross NPA (Non- Performing Assets) for all Banks in 2012 as per RBI ----- 2.9% (It was 2.4% was in 2011)


MSP (Minimum Support Price) for Wheat for 2011-12 ----- Rs.1285 per quintal


Guaranteed employment under MGNREGA in drought-hit states-----150 Days (Normally, it lasts 100 days)


As per BASEL III, the deadline for ensuring Capital Buffer of 25% is ----- January 2019, RBI has fixed it at ----- March, 2017


Limit on Loan to Value (LTV) for Gold has been fixed by RBI for NBFCs at ----- 60%


Disinvestment target as per General Budget 2012-13 ----- Rs.30000 Crore


On the Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index, the topmost nation ----- China, India stands at ----- No. 2


The General Budget 2012-13 fixes the STT (Securities Transaction Tax) and Service Tax at. ----- 0.1% & 12% respectively


Head of the panel advising on matters of International Taxation ----- R. S. Gujral


Equities are considered long-term capital gain if sold after 1 year of purchase. The rate of long-term capital gains tax ----- Nil


World Economic Forum 2012 held at ----- Davos (Switzerland)


The BRICS Conference (Brazil, Russia, India, China & S Africa) held in ----- Sanya (China)


Committee on Cash Transfer Scheme covering LPG, Fertilizers and Kerosene was headed by ----- Nilekani Nilekani


The major Internet search engine of China ----- Baidu


The Indian state notorious for the highest incidence of poverty ----- Odhisha


Highest Per Capita Income ----- Goa, Lowest per capita income ----- Bihar


The country at the top of the Happy Planet Index ----- Costa Rica


Cash component of each Nobel Prize ----- 8 million Swedish Kroner


In India, average rural Internet penetration ----- 0.4%, Urban Internet access is ----- 6%


Fitch and S&P rating for India’s sovereign debt ----- BBB - (downgraded from stable to negative)


The state with the highest number of urban households having Internet connection is ----- Maharashtra. Jointly placed at No. 2 are ----- Kerala and Himachal Pradesh


As per IMF, the global economic Growth rate in 2012 was ----- 3.3 9%, in 2013, it is projected to be ----- 3.6%


The Health City of Haryana is ----- Gurgaon


Revised minimum capital for setting up a bank will be ----- Rs 500 Cr


The highest paid player as per Forbes Rich List ----- Floyd Mayweather


World's top milk producer is ------ India


Items outside the application of the proposed GST ----- Petroleum products and alcohol



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