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Major Economic Facts 2012 - 05

SEPTEMBER 02, 2013

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Major Economic Facts 2012 - 05


Economic growth rate of India in 2011-12 ---- 6.50%


Chief of IIIF (India Inclusive Innovation Fund) ---- Sam Pitroda


As per the Labour Bureau of India, Average Unemployment in India ---- 3.80%


Annual External Commercial Borrowing Limit ---- $ 30 Bn


India is the 5th largest Wind Power producer in the world, the other four are ­-----  The USA (1), Germany (2), China (3), Spain (4)


Long Term Debt mainly comprises ---- Commercial Borrowings, NRI deposits, Multilateral debts, IMF Loans, Trade Credit & Bilateral Debts


The Most Liveable city in the World as per the Economist's Global Livability Survey ---- Melbourne


As per 68th NSSO (National Sample Survey Org), the Monthly Per Capita Consumption Expenditure in Rural India ----- Rs.1281


FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) limit in new banks ----- 49% (for the first 5 years)


The 188th and the latest member of IMF and World Bank ----- South Sudan


Population of India as per the 15th Census 2011 ----- 121 Crore


On the Happy Planet Index, India ranks 32 whereas the is palced 105


Bank with the topmost productivity in India ----- Corporation Bank


State having the "Didi Bank" (a co-op bank run by women) ----- Jharkhand


Among External Debts, the largest contribution is by ----- Commercial Borrowings (Rs.104397 lac cr.)


State with the highest real GDP growth rate between 2005- 10  ----- Gujarat (11.3%)


New Chief Economist of the World Bank ---- Kaushik Basu


As per Economic Survey, Per Capita Income at Current Prices is ----- Rs.60972


The Bank which violated the US sanctions by doing illegal transactions for Iran ----- Standard Chartered Bank


As per Forbes 2012, the Most Powerful Woman is ----- Angela Markel (Germany), the 2nd one is Hillary Clinton and Sonia Gandhi stands at 6th position.


As per Forbes 2012, the richest Indian ---- Mukesh Ambani (assets of  $ 22.3 bn)




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