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Major Economic Facts - 2012- 03

APRIL 10, 2013

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 Major Economic Facts - 2012- 03

 New CEO of Citigroup after Vikram Pandit’s resignation --- Michael Corbat


Growth rate predicted by the Economic Outlook 2012-13 --- 6.7 %


New Chairman of Barclays Bank --- David Walker


The bank involved in LIBOR Interest rate fixing scandal --- Barclays Bank


Monthly per capita consumption expenditure in Urban India --- Re.2401.61


State with the highest number of Special Economic Zones --- Andhra Pradesh


Targeted share of manufacturing in GDP by 2025 (New Manufacturing Policy) ­­--- 25%


E-Kiosk recently started by banks --- Cheque Depositing Machine


Allocation for elementary education by the 13th Finance Commission ---- Rs. 24000 Cr


Seats to be reserved in Private Educational Institutions for children from economically weaker sections --- 25%


The leading bank in terms of electronic transactions in India --- HDFC Bank


As per Worldwide Cost of Living Survey, the costliest place  --- Tokyo


Topmost listed employers in India --- 1st - Coal India,  2nd – TCS, 3rd - SBI  


Retail Price Inflation is based on --- Consumer Price lndex (CPI)


FDI limits in Cigarette, Lotteries and Atomic Energy --- Zero %


FATF (Financial Action Task Force) is --- Group of 34 countries. India joined it in 2010, FATF works against money laundering and financing of terrorism


As per City Competitiveness Index 2012 --- 1st – Delhi, 2nd – Mumbai ………, 12th - Chandigarh


Districts covered by Census 2011 --- 640


In terms of doing business at low expense, the top city for setting up new businesses --- Patna


The sector which attracted the largest FDI last year --- Services (21.52%)


State that tops the Child Rights Index --- Kerala


Cahirman of the Panel on GAAR (General Anti Avoidance Rule) --- Parthasarthi Shome


Implementation of Basel Norms Ill for all Public Sector Banks will require a common equity of --- $1.4 to 1.5 trillion


Largest PSU lender bank in India --- SBI; Largest private lender bank --- ICICI Bank



Target for institutional credit to Agriculture for 2012-13 --- Re. 5, 75, 000 Cr


Unlimited purchase of Sovereign Bonds to save currency has been initiated by --- European Union


Global Competitiveness Index 2012 --- 1st - New York, 2nd – London, ……., 68th – Delhi, 70th – Mumbai


New base year for revamped Consumer Price Index (CPI) --- 2010


Globally, the no. 1 mobile operator --- China Mobile, the 2nd one - Vodafone, the 3rd one - America Mobile Group






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