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Days, Anniversaries, Celebrations 2012

SEPTEMBER 14, 2013

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Days, Anniversaries, Celebrations 2012 

Theme of Silver Jubilee Celebrations of 7 Zonal Cultural Centres held in Panchkula -----  Maati Ke Rang


No Toilets, No Bride is a slogan given by -----  Haryana Government


RUSA stands for -----  Rashtriya Ucchatar Shiksha Abhiyaan


Go India -----  Multi-purpose smart card issued by Indian Railways for travelling all over India


LEED stands for -----  Leadership in Energy & Environment Design


'No Smoking Day' is observed on -----  7th April


International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women was observed on -----  25th November


On Happy Planet Index, the topmost country is ----- Costa Rica; the last few slots are occupied by ----- Botswana, Chad and Qatar


Theme of the Commonwealth Meet (CHOGM) ----- Women as agents of change


"India Show" was held in ----- Ghana; MOU signed for setting up a Urea Fertilizer Plant in Ghana


"Pakistan Lifestyle Show" was held in ----- New Delhi


National Voters' Day was celebrated on ----- 25th January


100th International Women’s Day was celebrated on ----- 8th March


Kanya Jagriti Jyoti Scheme is being run by -----  Panjab




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