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Miscellaneous Events and Facts 2012 - 01

SEPTEMBER 16, 2013

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 Miscellaneous Events and Facts 2012 - 01


"Jal Satyagraha" was launched at Ghogalgaon (Khandwa) in MP in protest against ----- Height of Omkareshwar Dam


As per Economic Survey 2011-2, India's largest trading partner ----- China,  2nd largest partner ---- UAE


Krishna Poonia is associated with -----  Discus throw; Chandrika Tarafdar is associated with ----- Weightlifting


First sprinter to retain all 3 sprint gold medals at consecutive Olympics ----- Usain Bolt


First female Prime Minister of Denmark ---- HelleThorning Schmidt


% of new bank branches to be opened in unbanked rural areas with a population not more than 9999, as per RBI ----- 25%


Minimum buffer limit of Rice and  Wheat -----  142 lakh ton and 70 lakh ton respectively


Largest exporter of oil to India -----  Saudi Arabia; 2nd  largest exporter ----- Iran


First city in India to have a Food Bank -----  New Delhi


Parvasi Bhatriya Diwas is celebrated every year on ----- 9th January


City declared as a Solar City by the Government -----  Shirdi (Maharastra)


Right to Education was passed by ----- 86th Constitutional Amendment  


Nations which have banned burqa in public ----- France and Syria


17th Asian Games will be held in ----- South Korea


Area under forest cover in India ----- 23.80%


New base year for calculating National Income -----  2004-05


Green Banking -----  Online banking, no paperwork and reduced driving to branch offices by bank customers


Goods and Services Tax will be the introduced by ----- 115th Constitutional Amendment


Term EKIA, used during Operation Geronimo, implies ----- Enemy Killed In Action


State that won the maximum medals in CWG 2010 -----  Haryana (32)


Waging war against the Government is an offence under  ----- Section 121 of IPC


Upper House of Parliament in Russia is called ----- Federation Council;  Lower House ----- Duma


First female astronaut from China ----- Liu Yang


Article which provides for reservation for women in Panchyati Raj institutions ----- 243 (d)


In Railway Budget 2012-13, the new train started for Sikh Pilgrimage ----- Guru Parikarma


Lowest growth in literacy during last decade ----- Nagaland


Sakala Programme (Citizen Charter Act) was started by ----- Karnataka



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