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Hundai I10 Grand, At 30 Km L, To Be Gamechanger

AUGUST 07, 2013

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Hundai I10 Grand, At 30 Km L, To Be Gamechanger



Hyundai's latest small car,  the Grand i10, is designed to play the 'practical' card and comes with lots of emotive appeal. With this addition, the company hopes to re-ignite the big battle among small cars. With its estimated mileage of 30 km/ litre, it promises to be one of the most fuel-efficient cars in thsi segment.  The Indian automobile market is probably one of the toughest to understand due to the diverse customer base and difficult also thanks to the economic uncertainty. Among the various segments, the most competitive is the lower end of the spectrum where the small cars proliferate.


While this segment has grown to include entry-level hatchbacks and premium hatchbacks and is currently witnessing many premium-entry level cars, getting a product right for this segment is the toughest for

any car maker. Maruti Suzuki seems to have perfected this art and has dominated this space while others have vied for a piece of the cake but for one reason or many, they haven't been able to nudge the leader which has models priced at every Rs 25,000 incremental step from Rs 2.50 lakhs upwards.The appeal and the firepower now comes in the shape of Grand i10 to hurt, if not cripple the market leader, especially in the B-segment. Hyundai needed an upgrade or an all-new i10, which now has had a life span of seven years.




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