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Kolkatan Gets 2400 In SAT, Bags 7 US Offers

APRIL 20, 2014

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Kolkatan Gets 2400 In SAT, Bags 7 US Offers

 Kolkatan Gets 2400 In SAT, Bags 7 US Offers

A 19-year-old Kolkata boy has received admission offers from 7 top US universities on the back of a perfect score in SAT. Arunavha Chanda,  is too baffled to decide which one to opt for. Torn among Harvard, Stanford and Columbia University, Arunavha wishes he could study at all three.



Arunavha got a perfect 2400/2400 in SAT. A habitual topper, Arunavha has an exceptional record of winning golds at Olympiads and achieving ranks of 4 and 7 in Cyber Olympiads. He is also a national champion in quizzing. Arunavha wants to study Computer Science and Engineering, do a second major in Mathematics and a degree course in Theatre.


Arunavha had applied to eight universities and got through seven — Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, Duke, Cornelle, Georgia Institute of Technology and Dartmouth College. He has also got scholarships from Columbia and Duke and financial aid from the rest. In fact, the only college he did not get through is MIT because he could not submit a project in time due to his board exams.


Arunavha and his mother Bani, a doctor who gave up her job to take care of him when he was in class V, are now researching on the universities to check the best on offer. His father Amitabha is a consultant neurosurgeon. Getting scholarships as international students in US universities is extremely difficult with institutions demanding high SAT scores, brilliant academic record, exceptional academic and extra-curricular achievements and performance in interviews.



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