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Quick Revision - 02

NOVEMBER 30, 2014

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1. If a cheque is returned due to insufficient funds, it is a criminal offence under - Negotiable Instruments Act (Section 138)


2. Under IFSC (Indian Financial System Code), the first four alphabet denote ------ and the next seven digits denote ------- respectively - bank name, branch


3. Getting the necessary agreements and documents to record the terms and conditions of various loans is called- Documentation


4. An interest rate which is initially low but which keeps on increasing gradually, usually charged on housing loans, is known as – Teaser


5. The RBI can inspect any bank branch under -  Banking Regulation Act, 1949


6. To overcome the NPAs ------ has been enacted, which empowers the banks to take possession of the assets charged to them directly without the courts’ authorization - SARFAESI Act 2002


7.  SARFAESI stands for - Securitization and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest


8. SARFAESI Act 2002 is applicable to loan cases involving recovery of - more than Rs. One Lac


10. Regional Rural Banks were formed under - Regional Rural Banks Act, 1976


11. RRBs were recommended by - Narasimhan Working Group


12. The regulator of RRBs is – NABARD


13. Cheque Truncation  - To accelerate inter-banks cheque payments, the RBI has developed a system whereby instead of physical cheques, their digital image is sent to the clearing house and is forwarded to the paying banker, which makes the payment on the basis of the image only. It ensures efficiency and low costs and prevenst banking frauds.


14. All banks with a government shareholding of 51% or more are - Public Sector Banks


15. Open Market Operations – The RBI buys / sells securities in the open market to improve or decrease the money supply  


16. Cash Reserve Ratio - All banks maintain a certain portion of their total deposits as decided by RBI as cash with the RBI


17. Statutory Liquidity Ratio - All banks maintain a certain portion of their total deposits with themselves as approved securities, gold or cash


18. CIBIL stands for  - Credit Information Bureau of India Ltd.


19. CIBIL functions as - a common database company which maintains the details of credit obtained by all borrowers


20. Credit Rating - An assessment of the probability of default in payment of interest  and principal on a loan.




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