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Quick Revision - 04

NOVEMBER 30, 2014

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1. Monthly installment (including interest and part of principal) towards repayment of a term loan - Equated Monthly Installment (EMI)


2. Subvention is - A government subsidy on the interest payable to banks by the borrowers. Mostly, it is applicable to home loans,


3. Escrow Account- A borrower receives all his incomes and receipts and later on, the bank decides on what amount is to be shared with him. The balance is appropriated towards repayment of bank dues and other dues.


4. Deflation - Decline in general price levels, caused by a falling money and credit supply


5. NMIZs promote domestic manufacturing activity. NMIZ can be expanded as - National Manufacturing and Investment Zones


6. Bilateral agreement to avoid taxation on the same income in both the countries- Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement


7. Short term, unsecured instrument issued by corporate bodies for working capital - Commercial Paper


8. Foreign currency accounts opened abroad by Indian Banks - Nostro Accounts


9. Vostro Accounts are - India rupee accounts opened in India


10. Real Time Gross Settlement System (RTGS) – A system in which the remittances are settled on a gross, real-time basis. The fastest method to transfer funds from one bank to another and one branch to another branch.


11. Hiding illegal sources of money and making it look like it came from legal sources is - Money laundering


12. Violations of Prevention of Money Laundering Act in banking are to be reported to- Financial Intelligence


13. A group of banks having a common agreement (e.g. on borrowing to a customer) - Consortium


14. Two transverse, parallel lines on the face of a cheque make it – Crossed Cheque


15. A cheque  which can be encashed by anyone in possession of the cheque - Bearer Cheque


16. ‘Buy now, Pay later’ applies to which system of card payment? - Credit Card


17. Reducing risk due to price changes by taking a position in the futures market – Hedging


18. Swabhiman is a government campaign to - Promote financial inclusion


19. The tenure of Term Deposits cannot exceed – 10 years


20. Another name for Capital Adequacy Ratio is- Capital To Risk Weighted Assets Ratio (CRAR)




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