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Quick Revision - 05

NOVEMBER 30, 2014

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 Quick Revision - 05

1. Red Herring Prospectus - A prospectus which does not mention the exact price or number of shares to be issued in an IPO


2. NSDL is - National Securities Depository Ltd.


3. A situation marked by inflation, stagnation and unemployment- Stagflation


4. Sustained high inflation, which is difficult to control - Hyperinflation


5. Making any change in a cheque that affects its value or intention of the cheque issuer, which renders the cheque invalid- Material Alteration


6. In case a joint bank account, the bank requires in writing the manner of operating the account- Mode of Operation


7. If a current account or savings account holders fail to operate the account for more than one year, the account is termed as - Dormant/Inoperative account


8. The Finance Commission is constituted after – 5 years


9. In India, the rate of inflation is measured by - Wholesale Price Index


10. The base year for Wholesale Price Index is- 2004-2005


11. The store house where bank notes and rupee coins are stocked by Commercial Banks on behalf of the Reserve Bank is - Currency Chest


12. The repayment of principal and Interest components of a loan over a period is called- Amortization


13. The RBI has allowed banks to open new branches in cities without its prior permission in - Tier I towns (population one lakh or more)


14. The Twin Deficits in the Indian economy are - Fiscal Deficit and Current Account Deficit


15. Small Accounts are primarily meant for persons  - Who do not fulfill KYC norms


16. In a Basic Savings Bank Account, the maximum allowed withdrawals in a month are- 4


17. A transaction wherein a business entity sells its receivables (collection from buyers) at discounted prices, to a third-party called a ‘factor’, is - Factoring


18. Postponement of the controversial tax provision GAAR was recommended by - Parthasarathi Shome Committee


19. Countermanding a cheque refers to - Stopping payment against the cheque



20. Current Account Deficit – Shortfall caused by excess foreign currency outflow due to imports is more than the inflow due to exports.



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