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Quick Revision - 07

DECEMBER 01, 2014

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1. The simplified income tax return form for individuals having business income- SUGAM


2. The interest rate at which the banks borrow money among themselves for short periods is called- Call Money


3. Buying/selling of shares, commodities or foreign exchange for delivery at a later date- Forward Trading


4. Proposed laws which will replace indirect taxes such as Sales Tax, VAT, Excise and Customs - Goods and Services Tax (GST)


5. Consumer Price Index (CPI) tracks the prices of goods and services, with the base year-  2010


6. Demat Account - Demat is the short form of De-materialization, which is digital form of storing shares with a share depository. Under SEBI laws, it is compulsory to route all share transactions in the Demat mode.


7. Blue Chip companies – Consistently profitable, dividend-paying companies.


8. Zero Coupon Securities – Bonds issued at a discount to their face value. Also called Deep Discount Bonds


9. Gilt Edged Securities – Government securities or any other securities, which are highly safe and carry little risk


10. Market capitalization - Market Cap in short, computed by multiplying the total no. of shares of a company by their current price.


11. Bears and Bulls - Bears believe that share prices are likely to fall in near future and therefore they indulge in outright selling of shares. Thus, a bearish market is one where prices are falling. In contrast, Bulls believe that share prices are likely to rise in future and therefore they indulge in buying of shares. Thus, a bullish market is one where prices are rising.


12. Underwriting  - An agreement between a share issuing company and a financial agency (underwriter), which will buy the shares not bought by the public in an IPO/FPO. The underwriter charges an underwriting commission for this service.


13. Reverse Mortgage Loan - A loan disbursed in installments and repaid in lump sum, usually after the borrower’s death, from the sale proceeds of the property. Suitable for the elderly without a source of regular income but having property in their name.


14. Suresh Tendulkar Committee  - Methodology for fixing the poverty line


15. C Rangarajan Committee - Financial Inclusion


16. Malegam Committee – Micro Finance Institutions


17. Damodaran Committee - Improvement in customer services in banks


18. Raghuram Rajan Committee -Financial Sector Reforms


19. Vijay Kelkar Committee - Fiscal consolidation


20. NBFC (Non Banking Finance Companies) - Companies with functions similar to banking like accepting deposits and making loans. However, they do not have banking licenses, although they are regulated by RBI.



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