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Quick Revision - 09

JANUARY 28, 2015

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 Quick Revision - 09

1. An economic development tool to help poor come out of poverty --- Micro Finance     

2. Term for fully computerized banking wherein all the branches of a bank are linked to a core computer --- Core Banking 

3. Another name for traditional banking --- Brick and Mortar Banking

4. Banking channel which focuses on minimizing the use of paper in transactions --- Green Channel

5. ATM stands for --- Automated Teller Machines

6. Brown Label ATMs ---  ATMs  licensed to banks but serviced and managed by third parties

7. ATMs both licensed to and managed by non-bank entities --- White Label ATMs

8. Selling of insurance through bank branches: --- Bancassurance

9. All ‘Deposits’ and ‘Loans’ of the banks are classified as --- liabilities and assets respectively

10. An account where a fixed sum is deposited every month for a fixed period of six months to 10 years --- Recurring Deposits Account

11. Fixed Deposits can be made for a minimum  of --- 7 days and a maximum of --- 10 years

12. An account wherein no transaction has occurred for more than 10 years --- Unclaimed Account

13. As per Banking Regulation Act, the amount in unclaimed accounts is to be transferred to --- Depositor Education and Awareness Fund

14. Account wherein temporary loan facilities are sanctioned by the banks against some securities --- Over Draft

15. Three pillars as per Basel II Norms are --- Minimum Capital Requirement, Supervisory Process and Market Discipline

16. FLCCC --- Financial Literacy and Credit Counselling Centres

17. Rupay Card --- Indian domestic card payment network set up by National Payments Corporation of India

18. Besides routine banking, the banks sell insurance products, mutual funds etc. Such activities are termed as --- Para Banking

19. CASA Deposits --- Current Account / Saving Account

20. Total deposits of a bank are termed --- Demand and Time Liabilities


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