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Miscellaneous Facts -06

JANUARY 02, 2015

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Miscellaneous Facts -06

 Miscellaneous Facts -06

1.    Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher tested in Chandipur --- Pinaka


2.    Loya Jirga --- A traditional council of prominent Afghans


3.    Longest serving Chief Minister after Jyoti Basu --- Pawan Kumar Chamling,  CM of Sikkim


4.    Boko Haram, a terrorist group, abducted 276 school girls in --- Nigeria


5.    China’s first Moon Rover is named --- Jade Rabbit


6.    India’s first University for Military Studies (INDU-Indian National Defence University) has been started in --- Binola (Gurgaon)


7.    Goods and Services Tax will be introduced by --- 115th Constitutional Amendment Act

8.    Pulitzer Prize-2014 was given to (Poetry Category) --- Vijay Seshadri (Wild Kingdom)


9.    Country which has banned tobacco completely ---  Uruguay


10. First Chief of Cyber Security in India --- Gulshan Rai


11.  Tulbul Navigation Project, a matter of dispute between Pakistan and India is situated on --- The Jhelum


12. Chairman of 20th Law Commission --- Justice Prakash Shah


13. Daiichi Sankyo, the owner of Ranbaxy, has sold it to --- Sun Pharmaceuticals


14. “Campaign Navjeevan” refers to --- Surrender by Naxalites and the start of a new life


15. India’s first interplanetary satellite is --- Mars Orbiter Mission (MoM)


16. States affected by cyclone Phailin --- Odisha and Andhra Pradesh


17. Commission on Netaji Subhash Bose’s disappearance --- Manoj Mukherjee Commission


18. SBI’s Kohinoor branches will open an account with a balance of --- Rs.50 lac to 1 cr


19. Sitara-e-Shujaat, Pakistan’s highest Civilian Award for Bravery given to --- Malala Yousafzai


20. First Indian amputee to scale the Mt. Everest --- Ms. Arunima Sinha


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